How to Make a Website Look Professional

Many websites out there are beautiful and aesthetically perfect, but are they leaving the best impression of the business they represent? When designing your own website, you need to impress your clients from the first second since first impressions are vital in business—it might last a second, but it stays with you forever. In order to attract serious buyers and clients, you want to exude professionalism, so take notes from these few web-design tips.

Keep it minimalistic

None of us read everything on a website, but we all scan the page, pick out certain words of interest and form opinions. In order to ensure people get the chance to practice their regular website behaviours, it’s best to create a website that will give people just enough information so they can process and evaluate everything that’s happening quickly. Therefore, it’s best to stick to minimalism with fewer things to read, click and remember. Of course, text and Call to Action buttons will always have their place on a website, but make sure they are legible, visible and minimalist.

Ensure good readability

How easy is for website visitors to recognize words, phrases and important sentences? When you have high content readability, users can be more efficient when it comes to browsing your site and remembering data. Make sure to use an eligible font, good sizing and pleasant contrast in order to look professional and knowledgeable.

Provide easy navigation

You might want to stand out from your competition, but make sure to stay true to the well-known website navigation layout. If your visitors need to roll up their sleeves in order to navigate your site, many will give up and go seek for something easier. Improve user experience with easy navigation and non-confusing Call To Action buttons. Have just one CTA—you don’t want to confuse people with too many choices and cause them to skip any action altogether. Place your CTA strategically and you’ll have a very professional look and feel on your website. Creative icons are also a good way to communicate your point because they are very clear and well-designed. If you check out Infostarters and their designs, you will find all sorts of creative solutions that have an interesting yet professional look perfect for any modern company. If you want to be creative, leave website navigation alone, and hire professionals who will make the rest of your website look and feel interesting and fresh.

Colour-coordinate everything

Colours have a huge impact on design thanks to their ability to influence human emotions. So, don’t just pick something you like—ensure colours blend and work well together. Study colour psychology and figure out which colours embody your company’s philosophy the best.
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Use good photography

Quality images will slightly affect your website speed, but they will certainly make the right impression. They make your site look professional, but also attract different people and star discussions which always help your business.

Be consistent

Professionalism equals consistency, so make sure your website is cohesive and clear from the get-go. Imagery across your site should be consistent, so avoid switching from one image to another from page to page. If you chose vintage or black-and-white images, stick with them and don’t mix them with modern images. Your colour palette also needs to match. For instance, your background, graphs and images all need to belong to the same palette. Fonts also need to be consistent and cohesive across your website (unless certain design features require changes).

Use chatbots

In order to provide good customer service online, you can use chatbots on your website. These bots are automated, artificial intelligence tools that are capable of driving higher conversations. When your website uses chatbots, they will engage your visitor, start a conversation, guide people through different processes and create a more pleasant experience for everyone. While chatbots are used mostly by bigger businesses, they are not reserved for them exclusively. Many chatbot providers are able to customize their bots and create tools that will work on your website, no matter the size of your business.

Make sure it’s mobile-friendly

More and more people access websites on the go, so you need to ask yourself one question: What mobile and tablet users see when they visit my website? If they don’t have a good mobile experience, they will leave your website. However, this issue can easily be fixed. There are companies that create a mobile-friendly version of your website, so your business can enter the mobile world. Don’t hesitate to test your product and enter every page, try out action buttons and icons.

Creativity and inspiration are integral parts of web design, but having a serious and professional approach to the look of your site is more than important. With a professional website, you can instill trust into your customer, clients and partners and grow your business in all professional directions.
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