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10 Inspiring Goals That Will Change Your Life

Ready to set goals that make you feel inspired and empowered? Here are 10 goals that will inspire you to create and live your dream life.
Ready to transform your life? Here are 10 inspiring goals to get you started. These aren’t your typical goals. These goals are meant to make you feel inspired, excited and empowered, and will create a strong foundation to create a more meaningful life.
10 Inspiring Goals That Will Change Your Life
With the new year in full swing, I wanted to give a different perspective than the typical goals that you hear everyone setting: losing weight, landing your dream job, making more money, buying your dream car…

Those are all fun goals and don’t get me wrong, I love a new car like the next guy.

But when it comes to it, life isn’t about the things that we collect, but it’s about the person that we are becoming.

And if you want to achieve your “things” goals (i.e. get that new car, dude!) then you have to realize that you must first transform yourself to transform your life.

You have to first build the right habits, cultivate the right mindset, overcome your limiting beliefs, and truly love yourself, to then be able to see and understand, at a deeper level, that you can achieve your goals and create your dream life.

Because if you don’t work on yourself and the things that are holding you back from achieving your goals, then you will never be able to create your dream life.

Here are 10 inspiring goals that will help you transform yourself and your life. These are not your typical goals, but in my humble opinion, more important. And if you achieve these inspiring goals, this will increase your chances of being able to achieve your other goals.


Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, how would it be to focus on how you’re FEELING?

Think about it – instead of worrying about your weight and your body measurements, what if your goal was to feel stronger, to feel more confident, to feel sexy? What if your goal was to feel healthier, to have more energy, to have clear skin??

The byproduct of leading a healthy lifestyle where you move your body and you eat healthy is to lose weight. But if you shift your focus from losing weight to cultivating habits to be healthier, then not only will you feel better, but you will have more energy and will feel more empowered to achieve your goals.

If you're focusing on loving your body and feeling a certain way in your skin, then you are cultivating a positive and empowering environment around yourself where you will thrive more and will have more energy and internal resources to achieve your other goals.

Now doesn’t THAT sound more inspiring then “I need to lose X pounds”?


What if you woke up every morning, excited to get out of your bed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way? What if every day, you felt ready to handle any situation or challenge?

What if … when life throws you sh*t, you’re able to take a step back, take a deep breath, and deal with it, head first?

If you want to create a life that you love, then you must cultivate an empowering mindset where you know that no matter what, you will have to face challenges. And if you learn how to take control of your thoughts and emotions, then you can handle anything that comes your way.

And keep in mind that having an empowering mindset doesn’t mean ignoring your emotions. If you feel sad, feel sad. If you feel angry, you’re allowed to feel angry.

However, an empowering mindset is the ability to acknowledge your emotions and move on, to then be able to address the situation in any way that you can so that you can feel better in the long run.


In the same vein as inspiring goal 2, how do you think you would feel, in your daily life, if you felt stronger, emotionally and physically? If you felt like you were able to handle anything that came your way?

If you set an inspiring goal to feel stronger, then the focus won’t be about losing weight or about being a certain way – it will be about how you FEEL. And once you start noticing that you can feel strong, that you CAN feel like you’re in control of your life, you will be able to handle life and its’ challenges.

But most importantly, you will know, at a deep level, that you deserve and CAN be happy, fulfilled and you CAN achieve your goals.


When you set a goal, your mind will automatically become more focused on bringing that into your life.

So if you want to feel happy, then it’s as simple as setting that goal. No need to worry about the details just yet, but if you want to be happy, then that should be part of your goals!

Once that goal is set, you can slowly try and figure out the details by understanding what happiness means to you, what makes you happy, and then how you can create more of that in your life.

Because once you start paying attention to something that you want to achieve, you will see that it might not be as hard to create in your life.

Even when it comes to happiness, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Feeling happy can be having a quiet night to yourself with a warm cup of tea and a good book. When you understand that those moments make you happy, then you can make more time for it in your life and ultimately, create a life that you love.


Do you know what excites you? What sets your soul on fire? And I really mean on FIRE?!

If the answer is “no”, then you MUST start looking for the things you’re passionate about so that you can do more of it.

Are you passionate about animals? Then volunteer one hour per week at a shelter! Are you passionate about art? Go to a museum once per month or take a free course online to learn more about it.

Are you passionate about health? Read books or listen to podcasts to educate yourself.

The options are endless. You can have more than one passion, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. But you must understand yourself at such a deep level to know what makes your heart soar because this will be a big piece of the foundation on which you can create a life that you love.


If you want to cultivate more happiness in your life, then you must set the goal of being more present at the moment.

When you’re able to be in the now, then you start to notice some details about your life that you might not have noticed before and you might not have been grateful for it.

If you’re present in the moment, then you feel more connected to yourself, to your life, and to the moments that you are experiencing throughout the day.

And what does that do?

It helps create more awareness of your surroundings and being able to appreciate the little things in life that you might be taking for granted and that might be passing you by.
10 Inspiring Goals That Will Change Your Life
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Such a simple goal, and yet so important.

When’s the last time you set the intention or the goal to enjoy your life? To enjoy the little things like going for a walk, or having a conversation with a close friend?

The beauty of life… and the beauty of creating a life that you love…is to realize that it’s about the small things, the small moments, and the simplest pleasures.

And if you switch your focus to simply want to enjoy life, then you will see that you’re able to create a lot more happiness in your life and that your dream life is closer than you realize.

Because trust me, happiness is really about the simple things and setting the goal of “enjoying life” and seeing that you can enjoy the smallest moments will be a gift that you give to yourself.


I’ve talked about the power of having a gratitude practice, so I won’t go into too much detail in this blog post.

But what will say is that if you set the goal to be more grateful, on a daily basis, you will find your happiness expand exponentially.

And if you feel happier, then you will feel more empowered and inspired to achieve the goals and dreams you’ve always wanted to achieve. Because it’s always about creating a positive environment where you can thrive and feel your best so that you can have the emotional and physical energy, as well as the motivation to go out and achieve goals that make you feel happy and fulfilled.


Real talk: I struggle with this one … big time.

But if you want to create a life that you love, then you have to set the goal of being patient because … well… some things take time.

And you have to be patient with the process and with yourself as you work on becoming the person that you were meant to be to achieve your biggest goals.

So make sure to set a goal for yourself to be patient and kind with yourself throughout this journey of transformation. But remember that the wait and the effort will be worth it.


Good karma is a real thing, people!

The more good you do in this world, the more people you try to help, the more those good deeds will come back to you in a positive way.

Because positivity breeds positivity.

So set the goal of helping people around you, and you will slowly start to see how it will come back to you in a positive way.

Try it out – set the goal of helping one person, every single day, and notice the subtle ways that you will be taken care of by the Universe in a similar way.

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